FaceTime & Skype

Pat Corn


Personal assistance can be provided via FaceTime, Google Duo, or Zoom. This enables personal and group sessions with Pat Corn. If your group has the capacity to project this type of session, you can benefit from a workshop or clinic for your church group in the comfort of your own facility. Many of the subjects are available for this technology.

Please feel free to utilize the contact form on the "Contact" page or, please text your message of interest to 865-654-7896 for a return call,  Please be sure to identify yourself, your organization, and your subject of interest clearly in your text or voice message if you should call directly. You will be contacted as soon as is possible.

If you are overwhelmed with life's complexities and need a resolution plan, please visit our "Life-Support" website and view the services that are available, of which many can utilize FaceTime, Google Duo, and ZOOM for personal or group sessions.

Leave a message on the "Contact" page and a Life-Support staff member will contact you as soon as is possible. Please note that this service should not be considered for immediate crisis intervention. If you feel you are in a crisis state, please go to your nearest Emergency Room or call 911.

The Life-Support website is www.life-support.life and is easily accessible on the "Sevices" page of this website under "Personal Growth and Resolution".