Dr. Pat Corn Ministries


"I have known Pat since 1972, and have always had a tremendous respect for his spiritual depth, his outsanding musical ability, and his communication skills. I highly recommend him to you, and I know you will be blessed, encouraged, and challanged by his workshop, coaching sessions ,and by every aspect of his ministry."

John Gage

Worship Pastor

Valley Baptist Church

Bakersfield, CA

It is my honor and privilege to strongly recommend to you, Dr. Pat Corn. I have used Pat's musical abilities on numerous occaisions to bring worship and style to my conference attendees, and have never been disappointed. Pat goes beyond entertainment. Pat goes to the heart of worship.

Whether you are seeking to dive into the meaning of true worship, or looking to improve your bottom-line through corporate events and life coaching for your employees, Pat Corn has immense talent and skill to accomplish them all!

You, your business, your employees, your very life will never be the same after being exposed to this amazing musician and teacher.

Rev. Ron Lambros

Former President/Executive Director

Touching Lives with James Merritt

I have known Pat Corn for about thirty-five years, and serving as his pastor when he began leading worship. we are especially blessed by his love for the Lord, first of all, which pointed to his experience as a personal worshiper. He understands that being a worship leader begins in his private prayer and worship life.

Pat has been blessed with joy and effortlessly fulfills James 5:13; "Is anyone cheerful, sing psalms."

An amazing aspect of Pat's worship leadership is that he doesn't need a band.

He can take a guitar in hand, with a love for the Lord, along with a gifted voice, and lead everyone into a sense of God's presence.

I know it is Pat's desire to equip others in worship and I joyfully recommend him.

Jerry McAnulty, Senior Pastor
Calvary Chapel at Long Hollow
Goodlettesville, TN

Pat and I have been friends for over thirty-five years. Our comradarie was established through our mutual faith and gift and love for music.If I were given just three words to describe Pat, they would be; faithful, true, and accomplished.


Dallas Frazier

Pastor/ Songwriter

Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame

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